Self Note..

It’s time to rebuilt…

You keep holding on to these crumbling walls

And it’s taking everything out of you..

It’s time to let go and let it all fall, I promise you,

You’ll rise again..

Tonight I change my life, all for you (Me).



Love from a blinds eye 🖤

January 29th, 2018

It’s impossible to forget a smile,

especially one you’ve seen in different lives..

The universe may leave you in opposite ends but the heart wants what it wants..


Love from a blinds eye 🖤

January 19, 2018

Have you ever thought to yourself what is wrong with you?

As if life’s pattern is meant to bring you pain

in the strangest ways. You meet someone and

allow yourself to open up and the moment

your walls begin to fall the person you

wanted in decided to walk away..

where do you go from there?

How do you pick up the crumbled

pieces and rebuild what seemed forever to built.

How do you stare at yourself without

yelling and screaming wanting to break

your own reflection for the same mistake reoccurring.

This downhill spiral that has now become

your life hurts less than the last time as

parts of yourself have slowly deteriorated into nothing..

Where do you start again?

Where do you go from there?


Love from a blinds eye 🖤

January 18, 2018

I woke up missing you, missing that dorky laugh of yours, and powerful smile that drives me to the brink of insanity, at least that’s what I call it..

Our disconnection lately has thrown me off my regular routine, as if a dark matter is over us, yet I have the will power to supersede any obstacles in our way.

Because you saved me when we first met, it’s my turn to save you from all including yourself..

Down the wrong path you are developing a bad habit of isolating me from the person you are, your fears have taken over, but I still believe it’s a mind over matter. So hold on a little longer, I’m here to liberate your negative thoughts that have consumed every ounce of energy in your beautiful soul..


Love from a blinds eye 🖤

January 17, 2018

Today there’s hope, you woke up on the brighter side of things. In this emotional war between your mind and the past your heart still holds on to..

It hurts to see you struggle to witness you caught in the middle of it all, but I’ve accepted and respected your wishes on self management and will not intrude.

Learning on your own how to smile again, to see your own reflection and not feel despair..

Still I watch from far, ready to catch you at any given moment, always by you and never letting you fall..


Love from a blinds eye 🖤

January 16, 2018

Some mornings feel like it’s you against the world, including me..

wanting to be free from your dark thoughts, you cant seem to control this dark passenger which consume the best parts of you,

A simple smile becomes hard to give as you are holding on to everything you have.. afraid to let go and believe in me, you double guess yourself as to what you really want..

But I promise you dear that I will be by your side through this baffling voyage..

to remind you everyday your worth and the significance of your loving heart, something you forgot to feel, I will ignite the flames that once burned throughout your soul, so you can glow from miles away like the Phoenix that you are..


Love from a blinds eye 🖤

January 15, 2018

As you learn to discover yourself, I feel like you’re beginning to creep back into your comfort zone, you’re afraid and not used to any of these new changes in your life.

You see me as a mythological figure who Simply does not exist, but I’m very real.. my feelings are true, they hurt when you look the other way and they are filled with joy when your smile is in my face..

Day in and day out I wonder what your thoughts of us are, are we progressing? Or is it time that is passing us by?..

I can still vouch for us and say that I’m here and if you cut me I will bleed..

I just want to be there for you and hope you can see that you are worth every ounce of love..


Love from a blinds eye 🖤

January 14, 2018

I’ve skipped a few days to let my mind dissolve its thoughts, I’m drifting off at sea as days come and go, I’m feeling numb wondering if I even am what you always wanted..

Am I what you needed?…

Questioning myself brings out the ugly in me, and I can’t fucking help it, but this is my way of coming clean, one of the many parts of me, please accept me as we go..

You are still my only thought in which I can’t let go, invested all of my time to build your smile, my intentions are on fire with your desire, I want to hold you forever the one that anchors me to someplace I call home..


Love from a blinds eye 🖤

January 11, 2018

I’m not sure how to feel other than lost, sometimes nothing makes sense and I just think to myself why am I here? What do I seek? She clearly doesn’t want to..

Then again I see the bigger picture, a brighter moment when I realize how great you are, this isn’t you, this isn’t us.. it’s what I wanted, what I signed up for.

I let you cool off, I let you have your space, and I’ll remind you that I’ll be here.

I know what I want and it’s not a second away from you. I rather us fight deeper into this only to come out great. Because I haven’t been touched by a soul like you and I’m not letting go..

Day by day as I promised to take, by your side wether you want me today or forget me tomorrow..

Always yours..