The Devil’s work

Lost in questions of why? How? It shouldn’t had been like this.. A fairy tale gone bad to the absolutely worst. I sit here till she gets home just reviewing the devils work. It’s funny because the devil himself was once an angel, like her they fell from heaven bringing everything down with them. 5pm I see the door knob turn, she enters with a silent stare.. Her eyes know the deal, from the look on my face is hard to hide these feels. She runs to knee down begging please. I wish I could believe those tears but the fear that her heart is far too gone won’t let me. I look at her and tell her to not cry, tonight is just the beginning of her new life.. Troubled in questions of why? And how? I still don’t have the answers I seek it’s been a year now and I see her with him. Only to see that he’s in my place… Could of been me… A devil in disguise she taunts love to please herself. A victim to her game left with nothing but agony and shame.. @SmileSick


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