Monthly Archives: October 2014

My everything

Here we are, both broken from our mistakes. I could of walked away, but this world is for us to take,
and you know it as well as I do…
Giving up on you is one regret I couldn’t bare to make…. @SmileSick



Nights like this

It was nights like this that kept me alive,
Nights like this that made me feel again.
It was in the dark where I found the most light.
Nights like this, with a full moon to guide my way.
And I’m not sure if there will be more but one thing I do know is that my mind blended well with the night.
Nights like this made it possible to escape moments from my myself.
It was nights like this, where I would chase the stars.
Nights like this also kept you in my thoughts
Allowing you to live in the darkest corners in my head. -SmileSick


Stopped and stared
Her eyes locked on him, but her heart lost within, true beauty, no need for perfection. A mind lost in another dimension she wanted to make a move, no hesitation. She studied his frame she was about it, no games. He noticed she was talking with her eyes saying something, anything. He couldn’t keep moving he stopped for a second and stared. -SmileSick

Autumn Leave’s

…..And the leaves turned cold…Leaving behind summer’s feel. A sense of loyalty, real ness. Leaving all the fake smiles and patched up friendships. Autumn Is here. Slowly decaying as the cool breeze takes them away on a final journey. Painting pictures of colors of orange and maroon. The sky is lit tonight blazing through the clouds. The leaves turned cold….