Monthly Archives: November 2014


Half a smile can only show them what they don’t know; Wether it’s good or bad, a full smile in comparison gives them assumption to the pain it hides. -SmileSick



Thank you!

Out of all the things this world has to offer, you’ve given me much more than I could ever repay. tranquility, faith, & compassion. I’m thankful to be part of a selective few to experience this part of living. A feeling like no other, we live for the moment, and nothing else matters. Thank you. -SmileSick


I miss myself consciously

The only way I can feel my heartbeat is when I forget about everything including you. My days alone are far from over, I’m finally coming around, spreading my wings,levitating, my only way of getting through. I only miss the idea of being with you, all the other stuff were only wishes, and we all know they never come true. But I’m not slowing down for no one, thanks to you my hearts bullet proof. -SmileSick


These Train Tracks…

These train tracks are nothing like you and me.
You see for they stay true to themselves, going as far as they can go.
Side by side, changing sceneries, through the hot summer days and winters, so cold.
Solitary lines forming a unity, without touching at times.
These train tracks resemble that idea we both shared.
But change is inevitable, just like these train tracks.
It can either go right or just be wrong from the beginning.
Sometimes we luck out and see failure from the start.
But this railroad only crosses for a short distance, residing side by side for the remainder of the track.
I guess we crossed paths more than we ever thought.
I wished I could have seen you grow, side by side like these train tracks that represented you and me.


These steps..

Some exits in life, leave painful memories, others of pure joy. One thing they both have in common is that a goodbye will always leave you dejected. Here I am taking my last steps into the dark abyss. I’ve taken many steps in this lifetime, but these last ones are turning into something beautiful. A sight of bliss, Forgetting what I don’t quite know. My feelings have forgotten the touch, the sight of you, they all remain behind me. -SmileSick