Monthly Archives: January 2015

Riches in Life

Life’s riches cannot prevail what the heart desires. The heart needs to be loved, it needs to find a true soulmate to share unforgettable moments with. A lot get lost along the way, not realizing that simple moments of being alone are truly rare and priceless. -SmileSick


️Over Calm Waters


I know you’re out there somewhere in the depths of the ocean, and I also know that in this lifetime I will run into you again.

I’m not sure how long It will be until I’m welcomed by your smile, but this scenery that reminds me of you makes it worth my while.

I wish you were able to enjoy this, the unruffled waters beneath the sinking sun. Your troubled mind can use the tranquility, I know how peevish I can be, all in your mind but away from your heart.