Monthly Archives: February 2015

El Paso, Texas

She gave me a sight of hope, she also put me through hell. Her imperfections brought a smile to my face, a connection I cannot explain. My days blossomed into a romance as the night took over. I’m beginning to think that no matter what my fate is to be with her, often i ran away to find a better life, but some how I was always lead back to her.
These streets took me in at a young age, and I still remain loyal to her,
my thoughts, my every breath,
my first love, my city..
El Paso, Texas.. You’ve reminded me many times why I love what I do and to always love myself. Tonight you shine brighter than always because I realized how blessed I am to be taken under your wing.


Burlesque Queen

She dances on the pole, showing her artistic expression..out of control she breaks hearts not caring; she’s cold.. Eyes were enamored to the stage as she progresses. Infatuated by the fame status, giving herself to the music, Fervid attention from crazed fans. As she twirls around unraveling her top. Her hands traveling throughout her body. Nothing else matters in the world but just her and that money. Her hair falls perfectly onto her beautiful face, her legs, her ass oh my throwing me into a haze. Expectations can kill a simple man. She moves the pole in a motion I can’t comprehend. Stroking her hair back as she bends down, ass touching the ground. She puts that pussy in control, catching feelings but looks the other way. A love that will never grow, she belongs to the world. The songs almost over and I’m ready to let her teach me how to feel, how to love. Burlesque queen, mine for the night. Lost in Lust.