Far too gone..

You let me go a long time ago.  

It’s the woman you used to be

That you can’t let go of, 

The woman you were when 

You were with me 

I am just collateral damage 

Of your identity crisis 

Here we are 

And somehow you think 

You can be in two places at once 
But you can’t be her, 

And be you too. 
Because those soft spoken words

that she used to whisper 

are now a silent voice misguided 

into tired ears. 
I can’t help but think 

of moments of clarity that

I have for you. 
The ones that drive every decision

I make mad for the unstable feelings

I get in return. 
At night I lay alone wanting to be 

with you, every thought, 

every wish coming together as 

one to fulfill a dream that  

I can look forward to. 
Focusing my actions of unwanted love 

leaves me to be an open 

target to those around me 

to bring me down, 

you are my weakness 

yet my strength, 

you are my hope but 

my lack of faith. 
I will always follow 

and desire you to be with 

me no matter the distance 

Or space. 
I am a sucker for your love. 
A puppet in your ruling hands

to an endless show. 

Your beauty is sourly 

tasted entwined with

your sweet soul. 


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