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Drunken words

You were the epitome of my words; 

scriptures summoned in your absence

by a half empty glass of your darkness.  



I’ve always been one to open up and let anyone in. 

Too hurt, too many times to allow myself to fall for false hopes. 

But in the belief of wanting something more I’ve found myself searching for endless love in all the wrong places. 

Closing my doors to allow anyone in, 

you managed to sneak in. 
I’ll be lost without you, but when push comes to shove I’m not sure if I’ll ever trust you. 

I’ve learned to live on my own, but in this short period in time, I’m not sure what it’s like to not have you anymore. 

I’ve taken more than what I can afford. 


️Over Calm Waters


I know you’re out there somewhere in the depths of the ocean, and I also know that in this lifetime I will run into you again.

I’m not sure how long It will be until I’m welcomed by your smile, but this scenery that reminds me of you makes it worth my while.

I wish you were able to enjoy this, the unruffled waters beneath the sinking sun. Your troubled mind can use the tranquility, I know how peevish I can be, all in your mind but away from your heart.

The lonesome walk

The lonesome walk
By: Jeff Rodriguez (@SmileSick)

Now that I’ve walked away, I know that missing me is just something of the past. I’ve freed you from the demons that held you back from living, I set you free, giving up my freedom of ever loving you again. This lonesome walk has set my mind straight and thoughts of us are now a blur.

A distant memory of yesterday’s golden age, we are no longer exclusive to each other but publicly open to the world to do as it pleases. My state of mind of regrets taunts the best of me, this lonesome walk has me abandoned into shameless acts of self destructs.

The evening walks seem better than the earlier ones because they bring me closer to the edge of reality, of pain, an abolishment of whatever situation we had involved with each other.

A better place resides else where, only nights away but I still have to walk through the day before I run through better days. This lonesome walk started out as a last resort of having no where to go, but that’s just it, no where is where I’ll find my true place.


The flames within


When there is nothing left to burn, set yourself on fire.

Your smile is a venom I can’t refuse to take. There’s nothing to lose when I’m with you, if I live through it, at least I know you’ll come back. My imperfect happiness still shows how grateful I am to look forward and forgetting who I am. Because meeting you for the many first time doesn’t have to have the word “again”.

I miss myself consciously

The only way I can feel my heartbeat is when I forget about everything including you. My days alone are far from over, I’m finally coming around, spreading my wings,levitating, my only way of getting through. I only miss the idea of being with you, all the other stuff were only wishes, and we all know they never come true. But I’m not slowing down for no one, thanks to you my hearts bullet proof. -SmileSick